1. Culturelle Probiotics

While working at The Thomas Collective Communication Agency in New York City, my main client was Culturelle Probiotics. Daily external communication between my team and the client’s marketing department, as well as legal and regulatory departments, was crucial for effective work. The different work I completed for Culturelle is listed below:

  • Managed Facebook and Twitter organic posts and customer service monitoring
  • Created and monitored Facebook ads:
    • Like ads
    • Reach ads
    • Website driven ads
    • Promoted posts
    • Canvas ads
    • Retargeting ads
    • Look-a-like audience ads
  • Organized and led a product launch event for journalists and bloggers at Rockafeller Center
    • The event required many vendors, a farm-to-table caterer, gift bags, a yoga instructor, a nutritionist, activities and more. To see more on this event, please visit my “Events” tab above.
  • Produced and organized a video news release for a new product requiring expert opinions from a registered nutritionist and nationally-renown yoga instructor. This VNR was distributed nationally on both web and broadcast platforms. Provided the client with reports of the placements.
  • Assisted team with the production of a national satellite media tour for broadcast and web distribution. Also provided the client with reports with placements results and reach of the SMT.
  • Led a Facebook Fan promotion, where winners were chosen through interaction on comments, as well as a Twitter Party with a sponsored social influencer, answering consumer questions and giving out prize packs
  • Organized a Facebook fan sweepstakes with legal contract, affidavits, rules, sweepstakes platform template and form, syncing form to Facebook, monitoring status throughout the duration of the sweepstakes, randomly generated winners, notified winners and shipped prize packs
  • Constructed and edited blog posts on Culturelle’s website
  • Developed and presented monthly, quarterly and EOY reports for social media to the client
  • Conducted brainstorms internally to produce creative content and ideas for the following year