3. Active in Amsterdam

While working at The Thomas Collective in New York City, the company traveled to Amsterdam on what they called a “Trend Trip” where we focused on internal communications and team building. Each year the company puts together a team to work on the theme, incorporate all of the activities into that theme and plan the entire trip into a weekend.

Two coworkers and myself were chosen to plan Active in Amsterdam in a few short months! We left New York on Friday around 5 pm, landed in Amsterdam at 7 am and hit the ground running. The three of us made the lodging accommodations, the activities, the team building exercises, the food, transportation, and educational experiences all fit into the theme of Active in Amsterdam.

We participated in a bike tour in the rain, a canal tour with some delicious finger foods, a walking food tour to try some traditional Dutch food, a homemade museum scavenger hunt, stayed on a leaky, rocky sailboat like true fishermen and a historic brewery tour in 48 hours.

One of the main team exercises we did was create a fake Instagram account for the new tourism council of Amsterdam. Their goal was to appeal to Millenials on a budget and inspire and spark their interest to travel there. Because the owner of the company wanted me to be able to participate in the main activity, I didn’t know what it was until the rest of the team found out as well. And to my surprise, my team won!